Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu  Daniel Negreanu is a Professional Canadian Poker player who has won 6 World Series of Poker ( WSOP ) bracelets and 2 World Poker Tour ( WPT ) championship titles.

He is also the third biggest live poker tournament winner behind Justin Bonomo and Brynn Kenney.
In 2014 he was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

The Early Years

Daniel Negreanu was born in Ontario Canada on the 26 July 1974. His parents were Romanian immigrants who had moved to Canada 7 years before his birth.

Negreanu was a troublesome child throughout his childhood, and his school in North York threatened to expel him for poor manners and ignoring the school rules.

He was very ambitious and was interested in becoming a Professional Snooker player. At the age of 15, he learnt how to play Poker, and at age 16 he was hanging around pool bars, playing card games and betting on sports.

He eventually dropped out of school and started playing poker games at local casinos, charity events and illegal poker games around Toronto.

He met and started dating Evelyn Ng, who was also a Professional Poker player. At the age of 22, Negreanu moved to Las Vegas, USA to pursue a career as a Professional Poker Player.

Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas

His first success came in Vegas, in 1997 when he won 3 major poker tournaments. This included two major poker events at Foxwoods Casino where he earned $55 064 and was named the Best All-Around Tournament player.

Further wins followed:

In 2014, he came second in The Big One for One Drop which paid him $8,288,001 and in 2016 he won $1 million for winning the Shark Cage tournament organized by PokerStars.net

Where is he now?

In 2011 Negreanu moved back to Canada and became a member of Team PokerStars for 12 years. In May 2019 they parted ways, but he still plays Poker online and frequently posts his results at the Full Contact Poker website.

Poker Pooches

Poker Pooches



MIT Blackjack Team

MIT Blackjack Team  The MIT Blackjack Team consisted of current and past students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), plus some other top colleges.

Who was Bill Kaplan?

They were led by a chap called Bill Kaplan, who was a Harvard graduate that had an interest in Blackjack due to reading books about card counting.

He was not actually the original founding member of the MIT Blackjack Team, but he was the one that turned it around to make a profit.

Who was JP Massar?

JP Massar ( also known as Mr M ) was a Mathematics student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His interest in gambling started when he read a book called “ How to Gamble if you must “ He got a few students together, and they started the original MIT Blackjack team. They had a few wins but were overall, not incredibly successful.

Joining Forces

In 1980 JP Massar and Bill Kaplan met at a Chinese Restaurant, and JP Massar asked Bill Kaplan to join his team to observe their mistakes. Bill Kaplan spent a weekend with them to observe the mistakes they made and then decided to join.

He set about making it a serious business which meant putting in place a formal card counting and betting system. The new MIT Blackjack team started operating on the 1 August 1980.

It turned out to be a successful team for ten years, and investors received high returns. However, Bill Kaplan was eventually banned in many Vegas casinos, so he had to stop managing the team.

JP Massar formed another team with Johnny Chang, which was successful for two years until it also had to close down as the casinos got wise to their tactics and banned them too.

Where are they now?

Bill Kaplan is currently running various property businesses, and an emailing solution Company whilst JP Massar plays Professional Poker.