Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo  The master of Roulette, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, was born on the 25th June 1947 in Madrid, Spain. He was interested in film and music and studied at The Official Film school. However, he was unable to graduate as the school closed down.

He was offered a job working for the Spanish National Radio, working on the music programs.

He has produced albums for Smash, Triana, Maria Jimenez, Alameda, and other singers and groups. However, he was never able to sign up the big names and battled to make ends meet.

Gambling Career

Realizing he needed to make more money to support his family, he turned to gambling. Roulette was his game of choice, and he noticed that specific numbers came up more frequently than others.

He knew that if he could work out which numbers came up more often, then it would give him the advantage to beat the game. Furthermore, he noticed that there were subtle inaccuracies with the pocket sizes and the balance of the roulette wheel.

Studying the Roulette Wheel

Gonzalo was determined to win, so he spent many months studying and analyzing the roulette wheel at the Casino Gran Madrid. During this time, he did not place any bets, merely just watched and learned, compiling his results in a computer program.

He also roped in his children Ivan and Vanessa to do the same at various casinos in Madrid.

Playing Roulette

Once Gonzalo had sufficient data, he and his children started playing roulette for real money, and within one year, they had accumulated $700 000 in winnings.

The casinos eventually banned the family from playing, and one casino even tried to sue them for cheating, but the courts ruled in favour of the Pelayo family.

Eventually, they left Spain and went to Las Vegas where the family won over $2 million between them before the casinos banned them.

Where is Gonzalo-Pelayo Now?

Gonzalo and his children retired from playing roulette and now gamble on sports betting and Poker using data and the laws of probability to give them the upper hand.

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